I hear it all the time. People have “this idea” burning inside them. But they never do anything about it because they’re scared of what their peers think. I was the same way. I didn’t post my first cartoon for ages because I worried that people would think the idea for Every Vowel was childish and stupid. Then I realized: it’s less about the actual idea and more about being true to yourself. Every time you repress your ideas, you kill yourself a little. We were put on this earth to create, make and do shit. Do you ever wonder why people who found startups and pursue passion projects refer to them as their “baby?” It’s because they’re breathing life into something. And aside from actually raising a child, it may be one of the most satisfying and necessary things that humans can do to move society forward. So please please please do us all a favor and do yourself a favor: create more and listen to the critics less. The world needs your ideas more than ever.