As a kid, I thought Goldman Sachs was a Jewish Deli.

That’s how little I knew about investment banking. But in college, it was all anyone talked about.

“If you’re smart, you’d be stupid not to be a banker!” They’d say.

They talked about the prestige. The money. The opportunities. The money. And did I mention the money?

So I did everything I could to land a job in investment banking. When I finally got the job, I was miserable. But I told myself its what I “should” be doing. Its who I “should” be.

But look at me. I’m a grown man who doodles alphabet letters. You think I had any place at a bank?

People may tell you different versions of the same story.

“You should be a lawyer!”

“You should be a doctor!”

There’s nothing wrong with these professions. It’s more about finding what’s right for you.

Think about who you were before the world told you who to be. Who were you as a child? What do you do when nobody’s watching? How do you procrastinate?

The world needs you. Don’t disappear on us.